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Have question about our Heavy Equipmnet Operator Program? See what others have asked! If you have more questions feel free to message us or call us at 906-789-3123!


  1. How long is the operator training course?
  2. The Heavy Equipment Operator Program is four weeks long. The class runs Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm eastern time zone.


  1. Is this certification good in all states or just Michigan?
  2. This certification is good in all States not just Michigan and training is approved in all 50 States..


  1. How much does the school cost?
  2. The training program tuition is $9,990.


  1. Does this training cover both Level one and Level two operations?
  2. Yes! This program will cover all level one and two heavy equipment operations training.


  1. Where do we stay for the duration of the month?
  2. North Country Heavy Equipment School has their own off-site lodging facilities that students can stay at for a monthly rate of $990, or students can stay at a few local hotels that vary in price.


  1. Do you provide transportation to and from the school?
  2. Transportation is provided to and from the School when student’s need those accommodations.  The School also has a school car that students can sign out and use for the month if they wish.


  1. Are meals provided to us?
  2. Lunch is provided on the first day of class. After that students can bring their own lunch. Our community has many local restaurants and national fast-food chains that students have access to.


  1. Do we get paid to go to school?
  2. Some students that are sponsored through their work get paid because their job is requiring it but other that that no, most students do not get paid to attend NCHES.


  1. Do you accept Veteran Benefits?
  2. North Country Heavy Equipment School is proud to accept all VA Benefits to help new and old Veterans transition from one career to the next. The School also accepts vocational rehabilitation for veterans without any regular benefits left to use.


  1. Do we have to share equipment with a group of people?
  2. Each student will be operating their own piece of equipment when it’s their turn. Each Student will have one partner that will act as a signal person and ground man when the other is operating. For over 20 years we find this very helpful to students as they can learn from each other helping if the other is struggling when doing our project-based exercises.


  1. What certifications do we get?
  2. You will receive several different certifications while you are here including the  NCCER Operator Certification,  OSHA-10 Construction, and ECPT Certification. You will walk away with many credentials required for success in the industry!


  1. Do we just dig holes or are there certain exercises?
  2. We don’t just did holes but rather find it best to have project-based exercises when learning. This gives students the opportunity to do real life projects while learning the various machines. Some of the exercises include: culvert installation, road grade and staking, septic system installation, leach fields, basement foundation, fork lift exercises, trenching, new construction, pole setting and many more!

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