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Electrical Line Technician

Electrical Line Technician

About the Course

Electrical Line Technician Program

Welcome to our Electrical Line Technician Program, designed for individuals seeking comprehensive training in the field of line technology. Over 16 weeks and 640 hours, students will embark on an intensive journey to become proficient in various aspects of electrical line work, setting the foundation for a successful career in this dynamic industry.

Program Highlights:

  1. Comprehensive Line Technician Training: Our program covers the essentials of line work, including safety protocols, electrical theory, equipment handling, and pole climbing techniques. Students will gain hands-on experience in troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems, preparing them for the challenges of the field.
  2. Heavy Equipment Operation: What sets our program apart is the integration of heavy equipment operation training. In addition to mastering line work skills, students will learn to operate a range of heavy machinery such as backhoes, track loaders, front-end loaders, dozers, and excavators. This diverse skill set enhances employability and widens career opportunities.
  3. Specialized Training: Our program goes beyond traditional line technician courses by offering specialized training in operating log truck loaders and knuckle boom cranes for swamp pad movement. This unique curriculum equips students with niche skills essential for specific job roles, making them stand out in the competitive job market.
  4. Digger Derrick and Bucket Truck Training: As part of our comprehensive approach, students will receive thorough training in operating digger derricks and bucket trucks. Proficiency in these specialized vehicles is crucial for various tasks in the field, ensuring our graduates are well-prepared for real-world scenarios.
  5. Class A CDL Training: We understand the importance of mobility in the electrical utilities industry. That’s why our program includes Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) training. Students will learn the necessary skills to operate commercial vehicles, enabling them to transport equipment and materials safely and efficiently.
  6. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our program boasts the Midwest’s first outdoor and indoor pole climbing facility. This cutting-edge setup provides students with a realistic environment to practice climbing techniques safely under expert guidance, bridging the gap between theory and practical application.

Career Opportunities:

Upon completion of our Electrical Line Technician Program, graduates will be equipped with the skills and certifications necessary to pursue a rewarding career in the electrical utilities industry. Whether working for utility companies, contractors, or municipal services, our alumni will be in high demand for roles such as:

  • Line Technician
  • Electrical Technician
  • Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Utility Maintenance Technician
  • Construction Foreman

Join us on this transformative journey and embark on a fulfilling career in the ever-evolving field of electrical line technology. Apply now and become a part of our esteemed program where innovation meets tradition, and excellence is the standard.

Tuition for the course: $14990

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Enrollment Application


Course Start Dates

  • 08/19/24 – 12/06/2024 – FULL
  • 11/11/2024 – 02/28/2025 
  • 02/03/2025 – 05/23/2025 
  • 04/28/2025 – 08/15/2025
  • 07/21/2025 – 11/07/2025

Frequently Asked Questions

Our program is open to individuals with a high school diploma or equivalent. No prior experience in electrical line work is required, although a passion for the field and a commitment to safety are essential.

There are no specific prerequisites for the course. However, students must be physically fit and able to meet the demands of the training, which includes climbing poles and operating heavy equipment.

Graduates of our program will receive a certificate of completion as Electrical Line Technicians. Additionally, depending on the specific modules completed, students may obtain certifications in pole climbing, heavy equipment operation, and Class A CDL, enhancing their employability.

We understand that investing in education can be a significant decision. Financial aid options may be available, including scholarships, grants, and payment plans. We encourage prospective students to inquire about financial assistance during the application process.

Our program emphasizes practical, hands-on learning. Students will spend a significant portion of their time in our state-of-the-art facilities, gaining real-world experience in pole climbing, equipment operation, and electrical line maintenance.

Our program stands out for its comprehensive approach, combining traditional line technician training with heavy equipment operation and Class A CDL instruction. Additionally, our unique facilities, including the outdoor and indoor pole climbing facility, provide an unmatched learning environment.

Yes, we offer job placement assistance to our graduates. Our career services team works closely with industry partners to connect students with employment opportunities in the electrical utilities sector.

The Electrical Line Technician Program is a 16-week course, totaling 640 hours of instruction. Classes are typically held on a full-time basis, allowing students to complete the program efficiently and enter the workforce sooner.

Safety is our top priority. Our instructors are highly trained professionals who prioritize safety protocols in all aspects of the training. Students will receive comprehensive safety training and adhere to strict guidelines while working with equipment and climbing poles.

Absolutely! We encourage prospective students to schedule a tour of our facilities to see firsthand the equipment, classrooms, and pole climbing areas. Contact our admissions office to arrange a tour at your convenience.

Absolutely! North Country accepts all VA Benefits and is fully approved the Veterans Affairs. 

All line tech students will get their Class A CDL with no restrictions.

All students will operate and be certified on backhoes, bulldozers, excavators log truck loaders and track loaders. 

The electrical line tech course is $14,990. A $1500 non- refundable down payment must be received a month in advance to hold your spot in class and be  put towards climbing gear.  The remaining balance would be due the day class starts. 

Class orientation will be held about a month prior to your class start date. An office administrator will contact you prior to set up that date. This is also when all students will be sized for their climbing gear. 


Here is a link for students to see how they will be sized during orientation: Climbing Gear Sizing

Owen LabadieOwen Labadie
12:36 20 Jun 24
Paul CiolekPaul Ciolek
21:54 19 Jun 24
North Country Heavy Equipment School has been an amazing experience!! Everyone and everything has been great here. From answering and returning phone calls and email quickly, to excellent trainers and training and a fun, but challenging environment to learn in. I cannot stress enough, about how awesome this experience has been! If you are considering a career in heavy equipment operation, or simply want to learn because you're curious, do not hesitate to give the school your business.
angelo cuellar loangelo cuellar lo
20:51 19 Jun 24
Great program, great instructors. Hands on experience everyday! I did the heavy equipment operator program but will be returning for cdl as well!
15:46 12 Apr 24
The school instructed by Don, Emil, and the occasional Dennis was exactly what I wanted and needed. The scaled instruction and problems given to build skills and confidence in the equipment were both enjoyable and appropriately scoped. The school was very accommodating when needing extra instruction or time. I left a much more confident operator and was even successful at clearing my own property, putting in a driveway, septic, and clearing a building site purely from the skills and lessons learned in this program. It’s difficult to truly express how accommodating and supportive the school is to students voiced concerns and needs which was the most impressive part for me.
Scott BohenstengelScott Bohenstengel
11:43 12 Apr 24
Excellent school would recommend to first time users
Ronnie RichardsonRonnie Richardson
14:03 11 Apr 24
I am so glad that I made the decision to attend this school! It has been a great experience and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get into heavy equipment! The instructors are very knowledgeable and great people!
Steve AkerSteve Aker
23:21 15 Mar 24
The heavy equipment operator course is a good course. You spend the majority of class time in the seat of various pieces of heavy machinery. The instructors and support staff are very helpful. You are given plenty of time to practice on each piece of equipment before completing the practical exercises. I would strongly recommend NCHES if you are considering becoming a heavy equipment operator.
Zach NewburryZach Newburry
20:12 14 Mar 24
An absolute blast! Helpful and entertaining instructors, that make sure you understand the know’s and the why's for every piece of machinery.
James BoeJames Boe
15:31 14 Mar 24
Wonderful place to learn lots of educational stuff great class atmosphere!!!
Erik JohnsonErik Johnson
19:19 07 Mar 24
Attended one week Grader class. Great class, great instructors. Hopefully be back for other training. Highly recommend.
Riley DalebrouxRiley Dalebroux
21:48 29 Feb 24
Just finished up my class at North Country Heavy Equipment School. The staff and instructors are top notch! Great course and great environment. Thank you all!!
Ethan BennettEthan Bennett
17:48 21 Feb 24
Awesome school cool instructors!!!
Angela LambertAngela Lambert
15:07 21 Feb 24
Excellent instructors, and a Great place to learn how to operate heavy equipment! Very pleased with this company, and the help!
Codey BreunigCodey Breunig
22:03 16 Feb 24
This school is hands down the best. The instructors love their job and are definitely happy to teach. They are also understanding. They get you ready for real life on the job training. I struggle learning new things on paper especially. Don and Dennis do everything they can to make sure I understand. It also helps they expect mistakes at first because you're new to the equipment but they also teach you how to correct your mistakes. If your looking to get your the best experience out of you certification training.This is the place to go. YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!
Jacob VanDenBoomJacob VanDenBoom
19:43 23 Jan 24
The teachers are great and very helpful. The school provides great training.
Dragonfirered KingDragonfirered King
19:41 23 Jan 24
The teachers are great and very helpful. The school provides great training.
Shirley NeganiShirley Negani
16:54 10 Jan 24
The students and teachers are very friendly. I can't believe the people of Michigan can be helpful
Michael HirnMichael Hirn
16:58 08 Dec 23
Wow, what a great experience! I learned more than I was anticipating and I'm looking forward to using this knowledge in the field. The instructors were awesome to work with. We had a good time on an off site project as well. I'm thankful for the opportunity and want to thank North Country Heavy Equipment School.
Ethan DucheneEthan Duchene
23:50 28 Nov 23
I am so glad that I made the decision to attend this school. It has been a great experience and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get into heavy equipment. The instructors are very knowledgeable and great people.
Nate PopeNate Pope
22:00 28 Nov 23
I’m currently enrolled at North Country Heavy Equipment school located in Escanaba. This has been a life changing opportunity that will create many career paths for me. My favorite piece of equipment is the excavator. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and providing a lot of memories; from learning a new trade to making friends with similar interests.
Andres MaciasAndres Macias
18:04 28 Nov 23
I love the school, bear minimum time in a classroom and they maximize your time in your gear staff and everyone here are just awesome. I highly recommend this school to all
Allen MeyerAllen Meyer
15:16 22 Nov 23
I am about halfway through this program now, and after completing the CDL class that I actually enjoyed, this class is even better, I mean who doesn't like playing with really big toys??? Top that off, they now have a log truck as well, so our class is the first one to learn on that too. Thank you everyone at both Midwest Truck Driving School, and North Country Heavy Equipment School....
Josh KruegerJosh Krueger
18:50 31 Oct 23
Very helpful instructors.
Lukas DeschaneLukas Deschane
16:17 31 Oct 23
Great place. Awesome instructors!
David MorrisDavid Morris
16:08 11 Sep 23
Great instructors and environment. Lots of time with each piece of equipment. All around great experience, would recommend.
12:21 11 Sep 23
Very hands on and fun class to attend
Stephen RolharStephen Rolhar
15:53 08 Sep 23
Excellent school! The staff and instructors are very professional and knowledgeable, highly recommend this school if you're thinking of starting a career as an operator.
Madisen ClaxtonMadisen Claxton
12:07 18 Aug 23
Loved this school, the instructors are very knowledgeable on what they teach and very understanding of the students different experience levels.
Squeaks 1Squeaks 1
16:21 17 Aug 23
Great school, lovely instructors, very supportive. Thank you
Rossy AldreteRossy Aldrete
12:15 17 Aug 23
Im about to graduate this program, and it has been a great experience. Everyone is amazing, friendly instructors and office staff. The instructors are the best, if you are think about taking this course I highly recommend this school.
Wesley CaseWesley Case
11:33 17 Aug 23
Knowledgeable instructors and staff that designed training for real world applications. Students get plenty of seat time on each piece of equipment ensuring confidence in their abilities. Instructors observe operations without looking over your shoulder allowing the students the time they need to learn controls without being rushed. Military friendly training. A++ training.
brapboy YTbrapboy YT
02:15 17 Aug 23
Great instructors, I've learned a lot in just a span of 4 weeks. 100 out of 10 would definitely recommend
Brandon JacobsonBrandon Jacobson
14:03 16 Aug 23
great instructors very knowledgeable. met a lot of good people and learned a lot.
Daniel SherantDaniel Sherant
14:03 16 Aug 23
The instructors are all great and friendly. My time at north country Heavy equipment school was amazing and all the people are really great. I highly recommend this school for anyone trying to learn how to run heavy equipment
12:22 16 Aug 23
The instructors are all super friendly and helpful. They give you plenty of time to work with each machine. If you want to learn to run equipment this is the place to go great work.
Danil BergusonDanil Berguson
01:10 16 Aug 23
I had a great experience while learning at North Country Heavy Equipment School. The instructors were very knowledgeable, helpful, and reasonable. The team of instructors were full of helpful tips and always made me feel like a friend to them. Overall, North Country Heavy Equipment School is a great place and was very good to me. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get into the Heavy Equipment trade.
King KuzzKing Kuzz
13:19 15 Aug 23
the best instructors super positive vibes lots to learn and lots to learn on everything g you need to know plus everything you want to know perfect 20/10 highly recommend
Jack BoyleJack Boyle
11:44 21 Jul 23
I would recommend anyone interested in or already working within the industry to join this class. The instructors are excellent and full of knowledge. They operate with great integrity so if something is unknown they find the answers which is vital when teaching safety! Loved it!
Skyler JeffersonSkyler Jefferson
12:19 20 Jul 23
Good place to be at and learn how to run equipment good atmosphere if you don’t break anything. Will be talking about how great this school is.
Storm trooperStorm trooper
12:17 20 Jul 23
Katelyn DekeyserKatelyn Dekeyser
12:12 20 Jul 23
Im on my fourth week of class and went into this class not knowing what to expect, but i can tell you it was worth it !!, This place is amazing, the instructors are so nice, and extremely knowledgeable!!!! I would recommend for anyone who knows what they want as a career, or someone who’s just looking at options !!!!
dylan hayzlettdylan hayzlett
12:09 20 Jul 23
The instructors and administrative staff are very nice and approachable. I can confidently say this was the best decision I’ve made for my education. It’s sad to have to leave such an amazing crew and say goodbye to these wonderful instructors. One of the best decisions you can make!
William HeiligWilliam Heilig
21:04 15 Jun 23
The best learning experience I could've ever asked for! The instructors treat you like family one moment, and then treat you like you're in the working field to get you ready for work environment. This is the perfect school for all the training necessary to start your new career. Thank you North Country Heavy Equipment School!
Jordan T. S. LeeJordan T. S. Lee
04:42 28 Apr 23
The instructors and administrative staff are very nice and approachable. They make me feel at ease. The instructors even sugessted a few fabulous parks for me to visit here in the U.P. The instructors are experienced and knowledgeable. I'd say 90% of the class is hands-on equipments training and work sites simulation, which I like. The one improvement that I think the school would benefit from is having a more updated fleet of machinery to train on. Some of the equipments like the dozer, excavator, grader, loader and dump trucks are quite old. Maybe 20+ yrs old equipments. It has seen better days. I don't expect the school to have all the latest and greatest models for us but perhaps a bit more updated.A side from that, I still learned a great deal from the class and of course had fun as well. I would definitely recommend this school to whoever is interested in entering into the construction field or prehaps just wanted to play with these big boys/girls toys. I'm glad I picked this school.
Tyler PolichTyler Polich
14:04 16 Mar 23
I’m currently going on my 3rd week at north country, and I can say it was the best decision I’ve ever made. The instructors are absolutely amazing and very knowledgeable. I was a little iffy on doing this in the winter months, but they have a huge building that you do most of your work in, so doing this in the winter is not a problem. I’d recommend this school to anyone and everyone that is interested in becoming a heavy equipment operator. 10/10 for sure! 🤙🏻
Domanick WaltherDomanick Walther
22:19 10 Feb 23
Love the school the instructors it’s hard to choose which school I loved more. The cdl part or the heavy equipment there’s no choice there both awesome.
01:59 04 Jan 23
North Country Heavy Equipment School is a Godsend!This Trade School prepared me well for actual work in this field.The instructors are very knowledgeable, patient and always provided good guidance. They work closely with students to help them meet their goals. Don did an amazing job helping me with everything! I could not be happier with my decision to go to North Country Heavy Equipment School. I am grateful to Don, Josh, RJ, Shawna and the entire staff.Thank you & endless blessings to all of you!Doris
22:28 31 Dec 22
While looking for some training for heavy equipment I found North Country. I was trying to further my education while using my VA benefits. The staff and crew made it easy and painless. Very responsive and easy to get ahold of them for any questions. The classes are informative and has made me confident in the equipment that they had but also in any piece I would have available to operate. They cover the gear that they train on and the make sure to go over what other options are out there. The instructors are easy to talk to and make you comfortable when asking questions. Having a few veterans as instructors is always good to see as well. 100% would recommend this to anyone looking for some quality education.
Noah TaylorNoah Taylor
04:39 29 Sep 22
This school has been great. Building competencies and knowledge about all these different vital machines and other key construction skills. They are great and friendly instructors who are clear, helpful, fun, and informative. It's good how much time on the machines we're given here. That's what it takes to really learn it, to be practicing it a lot.
Danny SchoonoverDanny Schoonover
20:18 15 Sep 22
Instructors were very knowledgeable and patient in teaching us the equipment. Overall had a awesome experience! Would 10/10 recommend the heavy equipment course
ghost 20011ghost 20011
11:12 08 Sep 22
Is been a great experience, they train you super well, while also not always hovering over you so you get to learn by yourself sometimes, plenty of equipment and good people you'll know for life, can't recommend this school enough!!
Zoey CushmanZoey Cushman
22:39 07 Sep 22
This school is put together by awesome and great people! The owners are amazing. And the instructors are awesome! They definitely make sure you do things right. If you don’t understand it they will work with you to make sure you get what your doing.
D. Van Den HoovelD. Van Den Hoovel
21:02 23 Aug 22
Excellent school, knowledgeable patient instructors, plenty of learning time on all of the machines.Office people also friendly, knowledgeable, professional and made me (us) feel welcome!GOOD JOB !! N.C.H.E.S.Douglas
Justin WolfeJustin Wolfe
22:12 19 Jul 22
Great school! Instructors are very informative and patient, students get lots of time on each machine. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a career in this field.
Derek DepiazzaDerek Depiazza
21:26 19 Jul 22
Great experience! Teachers were very helpful and easy to work with. Glad I did it. Thanks for the opportunity.
Jeff MeyerJeff Meyer
01:58 25 Jun 22
What a outstanding school! The staff is top notch! Overall a great place to learn. North County Heavy Equipment School has really changed my life for the better!
Brigett HoffmanBrigett Hoffman
01:50 25 Jun 22
A great experience for my Fiance. Shawna, Josh and Klye were Incredible it make it all happen and Emil was a man of great knowledge and integrity!
Clinton BatemanClinton Bateman
21:06 29 Apr 22
Great class for the money, I had a good time and learned a lot from all of the instructors. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to get into this field.
benjamin jacobsbenjamin jacobs
12:54 29 Apr 22
I had a great experience going through this course. I strongly recommend this to everyone
01:34 29 Apr 22
Thanks to all at north country heavy equipment, information on all aspects of using equipment safely , and correctly , Mr. Lafave n Mike for there time , also all the kido's for the fun, I hope they all have great success what ever they doin life!! Grandpa jo.
Melton Nelson (HERB)Melton Nelson (HERB)
18:18 21 Apr 22
Emil's an awesome instructor alond with Mike make an excellent pair, thanks for sharing your experience with all of us.
Wyatt LinderWyatt Linder
15:13 20 Apr 22
Wanted to find a place to get some experience and certifications on heavy equipment and this came up as the best school for the value. I would agree with that it’s not very expensive compared to the other schools and we’ll worth the value. You get plenty of experience on each machine doing jobs you would do in the real world. The people here are extremely nice as well. Would definitely recommend to anyone.
Logan JankensLogan Jankens
15:07 20 Apr 22
I love the school and I love the people I have ment I really enjoyed my experience here
mick haymick hay
15:15 19 Apr 22
I suggest if you are interested in heavy equipment you come to this school the instructors are very nice and helpful and if you are ever have a problem they will help you with any thing you need
Kris ZiemkeKris Ziemke
14:39 19 Apr 22
I was nervous at first come here to the school but once I got here I'm glad I did great people to learn from and has been a wonderful experience!!! Suggest anyone to come here!!
James DaniJames Dani
18:31 22 Dec 21
I recently graduated from their program. Overall it was a great experience! Very knowledgeable and professional Instructors and the office staff was very friendly and helpful!
Brandon ShaferBrandon Shafer
20:27 15 Dec 21
I just left here awesome school kevin and emil are best teachers they are point with letting you know all trick of the trade plan on going back to get my cdl
Chris FlowersChris Flowers
23:12 09 Dec 21
It has ben a fun class, the instructors are good people just triing to help you reach your goals. Everyone here is very friendly and by the end you will call them friends. Great experience i would highly recommend.
Tyler LabineTyler Labine
23:43 30 Nov 21
I well say this if u want to get ur cdl a are b this is the place to go it's fun and u learn alot.
Jake SwartJake Swart
19:41 21 Nov 21
I started looking for Equipment Schools for my education and found North Country. After being enrolled for a month they well went above and beyond my expectations coming into it. All the staff, students, and instructor were great and friendly. I definitely would recommend this and the Midwest Trucking School to anyone who is interested in these type of trades.
Brian BazBrian Baz
17:09 12 Nov 21
I knew nothing about running heavy equipment before I attended the school now i have a good knowledge of the equipment and safety on all the machines here i also had fun
Hank ArcheyHank Archey
16:59 22 Oct 21
Awesome School, very fun experience, learned knowledgeable skills for using heavy equitment. the instructors are extremely helpful, and are great teachers. Shauna and Kyle in the office are extremely helpful throughout the entire process.
Paige SchoonoverPaige Schoonover
14:26 12 Oct 21
This schools is more then worth it the instructors are professional and help you understand anything your struggling with and thanks to the class I now have the knowledge to go farther in this profession and in life I will definitely refer everyone i know who wants to do this work you won’t find a better school and the Secretary is amazing and a go getter I have never seen anyone work harder she’s the best
Nate GuiletteNate Guilette
16:00 08 Oct 21
Had a great time working with great people that are helpful and want to teach, from this program I have learned how to operate several pieces of equipment and now have a better understanding for when I go back out to the workforce. The secretary is also AMAZING!
Travis BurchTravis Burch
13:23 01 Oct 21
I am currently a student at North County Heavy Equipment School, and I can honesty say that this school has been one of the best decisions I have made. With amazing staff and instructors this school had already taught me so much and is always there for any questions I may have. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who is looking to get into any kind of heavy equipment work or simply just wants to learn more and get hand on the equipment !
Austin aAustin a
20:47 23 Sep 21
As a student this class gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge on heavy equipment. I enjoyed all the hands on work with the equipment. I came in with some knowledge already but I didn’t expect this class to teach me as much as it did. Anyone thinking about taking a heavy equipment course this is the best one to do!
Dan JuddDan Judd
21:47 30 Aug 21
This place was awesome everyone here was very friendly and very knowledgeable, me and my son took both heavy equipment and truck driving course ,met a lot of great people and learned a couple of new trades ! Thanks Josh ,Kyle ,Shawna , Emil and Bob you guys are awesome!!! Definitely recommend this place for sure!!!
16:38 20 Aug 21
Great experience with a great instructor! Lots of one on one training, learned way more than i could've imagined. Would highly recommend North Country to anyone considering heavy equipment or looking to try something new! 10 stars for Emil!
Michael LMichael L
22:54 11 Jun 21
Great program awesome instructors. On and off site training that will create lasting memories and friendships. I would do it again!
Travis MewsTravis Mews
00:15 03 Jun 21
North Country Heavy Equipment School literally changed my life! I lost my job at a paper mill due to it shutting down indefinitely. I’ve always wanted to learn how to operate heavy equipment since I was young. So, I turned a bad situation into a positive opportunity to better my self. The staff (Emil) was very knowledgeable, friendly, and a joy to be around. His many years of experience of operation and owning his own business make him a great fit and an asset to the School. The life changing part came not only with this training but the CDL I obtained from the Midwest Trucking School. I was able to immediately find employment and do some traveling abroad for work that I would have never been able to do if it wasn’t for the school, and the truly wonderful staff! I highly recommend this school for people with little to no experience all the way to veterans because of the positive work experience, and the great people that make it happen.
Ryan LaMarcheRyan LaMarche
20:58 02 Jun 21
This school is awesome!! I am 17 years old and was skeptical about doing it because i’m young but the instructors there were super helpful and treated me as any of the older people, the equipment was good name brand stuff and the instructors knew what they were doing and were super nice! I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to get certified in heavy equipment they do an awesome job!!
Justin NormanJustin Norman
19:26 02 Jun 21
Highly recommend. They offer training on many different machines. You will spend time doing actual work, leading to real world experience before your training is completed. The instructors are very knowledgeable in what they are teaching and always willing to help. You can tell they want to see you succeed. Whether you want to start your own business or work for others, North Country Heavy Equipment School will make sure you are prepared.
Kristi KayeKristi Kaye
17:34 02 Jun 21
North Country Heavy Equipment School is the BEST! They are incredibly professional and know what they are talking about! The class sizes are small so you get so much one to one instruction. Can’t say enough about their great program! Top notch organization from the first call. HIGHLY recommend!
Kent KingKent King
17:21 02 Jun 21
If you're looking for a career as an operator or in the construction trades, North Country Heavy Equipment School is the place to go. Not only do they offer an opportunity to gain experience on a vast number of different equipment. They provide education and experience with actual jobs during training, whether it's learning the process of putting in a culvert, drain tile, building a road up, or loading and operating a dump truck, North Country Heavy Equipment will get you prepared for the various jobs you will encounter in the construction field. Taught by instructors that have had their own businesses in the construction and excavating fields, they provide expert insight on how the industry works. So if you're looking to start your own business or get to work in the construction industry. North Country Heavy Equipment School is the place to go.

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