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The Equipment

North Country Heavy Equipment School specializes in heavy equipment operator training designed to set applicants up for success as a professional operators. Students will learn to operate state of the art equipment!  The machines include excavators, articulated motor grader, articulated front-end loaders, compact track loader, 6-way angle blade dozer, extendahoe backhoe, and single and tandem axle dump truck. 

Read on about these monster machines to learn more!


The Equipment

Hitachi ZX35U Heavy Duty Mini Excavator

Small and compact, the ZX35U-5 gives you big-time performance on all kinds of jobs. We’ve taken the excavator to a whole new level by adding real-world practical improvements.

You get a more spacious cab with wider, easier entry and better visibility; a fuel-efficient and reliable engine that meets emission standards; and maintenance that’s easier than ever thanks to enhancements such as improved access to coolers. Built to the same high standards as our larger mining excavators, the ZX35U-5 delivers efficiency, reliability and durability to your operation.

John Deere 317G Compact Track Loader

The John Deer Compact Track Loader (CTL) has become one of the most versatile machines on the job site. Between the speed, maneuverability and stability this machine will be seen on almost every job site. You will learn the Ins and outs of how to operate this machine and also maintain it.

John Deere 690E-LC Excavator

Featuring a sophisticated, yet simple; state-of-the-art, yet easy to operate hydraulic system, the 690E-LC excavator offers the best of both worlds. The closed center system uses two axial piston pumps while a microprocessor ties the system with the engine allowing the operator to tailor hydraulic performance to a particular job situation.

John Deere 310G Enclosed Cab 4×4 Extendahoe Backhoe

Don’t let its competitive price fool you. With many of the same features found on our bigger backhoes, the 310G comes equipped, not stripped — easily making it the value leader in the 14-foot class. And just right for fleet owners, rental yards, and moderate-duty applications.

Need a 14-foot backhoe for medium- to heavy-duty tasks? You’ve found it. In fact, many consider the 310G the best all-around backhoe available. For good reason. Balance, feel, maneuverability, and muscle — this backhoe delivers it all. Offers an outstanding list of available options, too.

John Deere 450 H 6-Way Angle Blade Dozer

The Deere 450h Dozer is a 6 way adjustable blade dozer used on numerous job sites for it’s reliability and raw power.  With our classes you will learn how to run this monster like a seasoned professional. 

John Deere TC54H Articulated Front-end Loader

This articulated loader is the backbone of any job site it’s on providing great maneuverability with the power needed to get the job done. Our TC54H classes will teach you everything you need to know on running this machine.

John Deere 672B

Leveling land is key at a job site, the John Deere 672B is a phenomenal articulated grader. It’s used widely for its reliability and for the quality of job it does.  Our classes are here to teach you how to make the grade on this grader. 

Mack Tandem Axle Dump Truck

The tandem axle dump truck is one of the most commonly used pieces of heavy equipment on any job site. Our class is devoted to teaching you how to work with this machine in all it’s roles. 

Dependable and reliable Mack dump trucks are a great addition to our training classes. North Country Heavy Equipment School will teach you how to safely operate these powerful machines. At the end of the game topics, we want to tell you about Starburst slots, which mainly include classic 3-reel slot games, where the main game symbols are triple sevens.

Measuring and Leveling Devices

North Country Heavy Equipment School will train you on how to use a variety of measuring and leveling devices that you will use out in the field. 

Motorized Compactor

You will be very familar how to operate a compactor and understand why soil compaction is so important in todays construction standards!


Various Hand Tools

In addition to training you on a variety of equipment, North Country Heavy Equipment School will also provide training on a variety of various hand tools that you will be using on the job.

Laser Transit with Rods and Detector

Todays technology has come a long way! Laser Transits make the job site that much eaiser! After completing this program we will be able to use one with ease!

Regular Transit with Rod

Understanding your grade is critical to ensureing that you are hitting your benchmarks! This course will teach you just that. 

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